Executive Officer of the I.A.E. (Imperial Arcadian Ethership) Vesta, Commander Flavius Marcus is a dedicated member of the Imperial Arcadian Etherforce.  Having lost his parents when he was quite young, Flavius suffers from severe abandonment issues.  He can sometimes come across as stoic, almost aloof, because he remains guarded against emotional loss.  The crew of the Vesta has become a surrogate family for him.  His greatest desire, however, operating primarily on a subconscious level, is to find acceptance in a “real,” more traditional family of his own. 


Captain of the Vesta, Nerva is Flavius’ superior officer and father figure. 

One of Arcadia’s foremost representatives, Ambassador Antonius is confident, stern, and uncompromising in his service to the Empire.  Vognar joining the Empire represents the crowning achievement of his distinguished career.  


Coming from a family of career politicians, Senator Jovian is an accomplished debater and communicator.  He’s quite personable and gets along with everyone. 


Absolute ruler of the planet Vognar, Orlin‘s full title is Lord of the High House.  He is a complete smooth talker and charmer.

Orlin’s daughter, Lamia is just as charming as her father.  She is also Flavius’s fiancee and represents the realization of his greatest hopes.  Their wedding is set to coincide with the treaty signing so that it will serve to strengthen the sense of unity between their planets. 


Travin is the Supreme Magrik of the Ragnist Orthodoxy (He’s basically a Ragnist Pope). 


Strix is the no-nonsense captain of Orlin’s castle guard. 

 As prefect of the village neighboring Castle Orlin, Gareth played an important role in establishing the treaty with Arcadia.  He became a good, solid friend to the entire Arcadian delegation.  




Skol is Venris’ most trusted general. 


Magrik Eitri is the leader of the Ragnist Liberal Coalition.  


Alrek is Eitri’s most trusted thrall (Ragnist priest) 


Erik leads a mysterious group of rebels opposed to Vognar joining the Arcadian Empire. 


Mara is Erik’s protegee.  Though she is not very religious, her family is Orthodox Ragnist.  And they’re not pleased that she has such a prominent role in the rebellion. 

Garm is a wise and serene young man.  He was a respected shaman on the rise among his people before joining the rebels.  Now, he is a hunted fugitive.