Planetary Details


Vognar is the fourth planet in orbit around Algol, a medium-sized yellow star located within the outermost frontier of the Arcadian Empire.

Type: Terrestrial

Satellites: 1

Composition: Vognar’s atmosphere is approximately 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen.  Large oceans and continents characterize the planet surface.  The interior structure of Vognar can be separated into layers based on physical characteristics: the Lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Mesosphere, Liquid Outer Core and solid inner core.

Population: Approximately one billion.

Government: Feudal hierarchy.  The twelve leaders of the most powerful houses on Vognar make up the ruling body known as the Pantheon.  The leader of the Pantheon, called the Lord of the High House, rules the planet with complete authority.  While the other members of the Pantheon act in an advisory capacity, the Lord of the High House has the final say in all decisions.  The Lord of the High House maintains his power through the resources of the Pantheon, and in turn subsidiary houses throughout Vognar support the Pantheon.   All subsidiary houses have domains of their own and, so long as they pay tribute and don’t conflict with any of the Pantheon’s laws, are free to govern them however they wish. 

Religion: Ragnism is the only religion recognized by the Pantheon. FURTHER DETAILS CLASSIFIED

Technology: Tech Level 5.  The Vognarians have developed the steam engine and have built railroad systems in most domains.  They utilize horses and horse drawn vehicles for personal transportation.  Large wooden sailing ships offer reliable travel over the planet’s oceans and seas.  Vognar has no form of air travel.  Various edged weapons, longbows, and black powder pistols are the most common personal weapons used by the general populace, but some of the larger houses have begun issuing revolvers and repeating rifles to their troops.


Arcadia is the capital planet of the Arcadian Empire.

Type: Terrestrial

Satellites: None.  A ring of dust and rock surrounds the planet.  This material may be the remnants of a former satellite.

Composition: Arcadia’s atmosphere is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen.  Large oceans and continents characterize the planet surface.  The interior of Arcadia can be separated into five layers based on physical characteristics: the Lithosphere, the Asthenosphere, Mesosphere, Liquid Outer Core, and Solid Inner Core.

Population: Approximately twelve billion.

Government: Republic

Religion: None.  The Arcadians maintain no religious traditions.  They are, however, well learned in philosophy.  Arcadia’s foremost, socially guiding philosophy is Pan-Cosmic Personism.  This is an extended person-centered ethic that regards all and only intelligent entities as morally considerable, and only persons (self-actualized beings, whether humanoid or not) as fully (and equally) morally significant.

Technology: Tech Level 12.  The Arcadians have established a star-spanning empire.  They utilize hyperspace (subether) technologies, matter/anti-matter power, artificial gravity, anti-gravity, plasma weapons, and many more sophisticated technologies.  Arcadian ethernauts and legionaries are equipped with the most advanced weaponry in the entire galaxy.